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This Little Piggy: The Tale of an Extraordinary Piggy Bank

This Little Piggy: The Tale of an Extraordinary Piggy Bank


By Jac Arbour

Hardcover, 89 pages


This Little Piggy is the story of Philip Anthropist, a young piggy bank growing up in the town of Pennyville. Philip is different from all the other animals. Philip has four slots instead of just one and is bullied at school for being different. In time, Philip learns that he is actually very well equipped to build extraordinary wealth due to his uniqueness. Philip also learns the importance of helping others. 


This story is designed to help young people embrace themselves for who they are and use their uniqueness as a superpower to move forward and do things others cannot. The differences we have from one another are superpowers, but only if we decide to view them in that light. It is the goal of this book to do just that while providing insights to the building of true wealth in all shapes and forms.


Jac Arbour is an author, financial advisor, motivational speaker, and personal finance coach. A graduate of Bowdoin College, he earned his Chartered Financial Consultant designation through Bryn Mawr. He is the founder and CEO of J.M. Arbour, a private wealth management firm headquarted in Hallowell, ME. 


"If you want your children and grandchildren to be rich, then nourish their minds, hearts, and souls by giving them a copy of Jac's newest book, This Little Piggy. It's by far one of the best books to help children learn what it takes to be happy, healthy, and wealthy."

-- Harvey Mackay, author of New Your Times #1 Best Seller, Swim with the Sharks


"This book is destined to touch the lives of thousands of children by teaching them the rules of financial literacy! It's about time someone wrote a compelling story for children to learn this critical skill set with their parents."

-- Don Hutson, Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, New York Times/Wall Street Journal #1 Best-Selling author, CEO of U.S. Learning

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