The Best Comfort Food on the Planet

The Best Comfort Food on the Planet


The Best Comfort Food on The Planet

by Kerry Altiero, Katherine Gaudet

Paperback 8.9" L x 8.0" W, 240 pages


You haven’t lived until you’ve added garlic French fries to your salad. Or better yet, try jalapeños stuffed with goat cheese and ricotta. Oh, add pasta with seared scallops, red pastrami and marsala cream to the list. These are just some of the insanely satisfying comfort food recipes Chef Kerry Altiero and Katherine Gaudet have up their sleeves.The Best Comfort Food on the Planet takes ordinary dishes like mac ’n cheese, salad and lasagne and turns them into Lobster Mac ’N Cheese, Hot Dressed Salad and Sorta Lasagne. Make Brussels sprouts a favorite by slow cooking them in cream, pizza more exciting with some Thai sweet chili sauce, and pot roast new again when topped with blue cheese.Each recipe has a unique approach that takes the flavor to new levels of greatness for you and your family. With one-of-a-kind recipes throughout, this book is a surefire way to have your dinner guests talking about your food and coming back for more. Kerry Altiero is the chef and owner of Cafe Miranda, and edgy yet intimate mulit-cuisine restaurant in Rockland, ME. Kerry and the restaurant have been awarded numerous honors, including "Lobster Chef of the Year" and "Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant."

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