Smart Glass Upcycled Jewelry

Smart Glass Upcycled Jewelry


All Smart Glass jewelry is made from post-consumer beverage bottles! How smart is that?!

  • Baby Hex Gold Boomerang Earrings: These fun and easy baby hex earrings, with a splash of style on a 14 carot gold filled boomerang earwire are light and easy to wear. They might be your next favorite everyday earrings! Hex's are approximately .75 inches long by .5 inches wide. Because they are hand cut from recycled bottles size and shape will vary a little.
  • Mini Tassel Necklaces: Adorable little tassels add just the right pop of color to these popular necklaces which are fashioned from the necks of post-consumer mini bar glasses. Finished with an 18 inch gold fill satellite chain. Glass pendant is approximately .5 inches in diameter.
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