Glass Layered Paper Collage Vases

Glass Layered Paper Collage Vases


Each of these vases created by Janyce Boynton of Pinecone & Sparrow in Old Town is an original piece of art. Janyce covers each glass vase in her unique layered paper collage art style, using hand-stamped and altered paper with acrylics. Each vase is then coated with 10 layers of interior/exterior varnish. These pieces of art are ready to display a lovely bouquet to brighten up your space and cheer your heart! Prices vary. Please select your choice to see specific price.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Purple Vase with Orange Flowers is 5.75" high, 3.5" at the widest point, and 3" at the mouth.
  • Round Red Vase with Yellow Flowers  is 5" high, 4.5" wide, and 3" at the mouth


  • Care Instructions

    Inside of each vase is glass and entirely waterproof. The outside can take a little water, as the vase is being filled or emptied, but it best to dry the surface off as soon as possible. Do not soak the entire vase as this may cause the seal to break and outside paper/varnish to peel off. It is best to keep these out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.