Molly O. Fedarko is an illustrator and graphic artist living on the coast of Maine. The mollyOcards line of greeting cards reflects a light, joyful, always heartfelt and sometimes slightly mischievous view of our world.


"My favorite thing about greeting cards is the connection that’s made when someone sees something they love so much they want to share it with another person. And there’s never a wrong time to reach out and send someone a little love, a little comfort, or little joy.”  - Molly O. Fedarko


The illustrations for mollyOcards are freshly drawn, designed, and printed in Maine, USA.


Inside Messages:

Bear Roasting Marshmallow: On front - Happy Birthday! Inside - and many s'mores!

Crib: blank inside 

Bunny Family: Happy Easter!

Octopus: There's no such thing as too many presents. Happy Birthday!

Owl Love: On front - Owl always love you. Inside - blank

Peeps: On front - happy easter from your peeps. Inside - blank

Pizza Birthday: On front: - it's your birthday / let's eat pizza. Inside - blank

Thanks a Bunch: On front: Thanks a bunch. Inside - blank

Armchair Retirement: On front: Sit back and retire . . . enjoy! Inside - blank

Mouse and Moon Pet Sympathy: I'm sorry for your loss.

Sunset Sympathy: With Sympathy.