Maine Roads to Gettysburg

Maine Roads to Gettysburg


Maine Roads to Gettysburg: How Joshua Chamberlain, Oliver Howard, and 4,000 Men from the Pine Tree State Helped Win the Civil War's Bloodiest Battle

by Tom Huntington

Hardcover, 1.2" H x 9.2" L x 6.3" W, 432 pages


Everyone knows about Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his 20th Maine Regiment, but there’s much more to the story of Maine at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Soldiers from Maine made their presence felt all over the battlefield during three days of fighting in July 1863.  There’s Oliver Otis Howard, corps commander who helped secure high ground for the Union on the first day.  There’s Adelbert Ames, who drilled the 20th Maine—including Chamberlain himself—into a fighting regiment and then commanded a brigade at Gettysburg.  The 17th Maine fought ably in the confused and bloody fighting in the Wheatfield on the second day, the 19th Maine helped defeat Pickett’s Charge, and of course Chamberlain’s men made their legendary stand at Little Round Top. 

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