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Hand Woven Baskets

Hand Woven Baskets


These beautiful and unique baskets are individually hand woven by Diane Wheeler at Creative Basketry in Manchester, Maine. Diane has been making baskets and teaching basketry for many years. Her creations are both artistic and practical. Each an original work of art, they will find many uses in your home, and be a welcome addition to your decor.


This Muffin Basket is 7" across by 4" high. It is hand painted with blueberries all around the sides, and adorned with wooden beads, interwoven into the basket itself. $30.00


The adorable Handled Caddy, or the "Anything Caddy," as Diane calls it, has so many uses! Line it with a napkin and fill it with fresh berries for a Sunday brunch, or put a small planter in it and place on a window sill. It looks great hanging on a wall or placed on your table or mantle. The basket is 6" x 3.5" and the full height including the handle is 8.5." $17.00 


This wonderful Lidded Basket is the perfect gift for the cook in your life, being adorned on every side with all things culinary! A little spatula, a rolling pin, measuring spoons, even a mixing spoon all ready to be licked clean! 7" high by 5" wide. $25.00