Hand Turned Bowls

Hand Turned Bowls


When a burl growth appears on a tree it is always the result of some kind of stress in the life of the tree; it could be stress caused by an injury, a virus, or an infection of some kind, but that stress is the only way a burl can form. It may be an ugly thing to see on a tree, but in the hands of artisan wood turner Anthony Tucci from Crimson Wood Works, beauty is what results. The variation of colors and distinctive patterns in the grain - this wouldn't be ours to behold if not for the stress the tree lived through. So when you purchase one of these stunning pieces of art, let it be a reminder of the lesson they teach the next time life gives you too much to handle. Beauty is often the end result of difficulty. Prices vary; select choice to see specifics.


Maple Burl Bowl has a luxurious smooth texture and and elegant, finished edge. It is approximately 3" high x 5" wide.


Semi-Live Edge Ash Burl Bowl is made from solid ash. The life of the wood is memorialized in the rustic semi-live edge. It is approximately 6.5" x  6.25", and is 3.5" tall. A stunning piece to adorn your office or home!


Half & Half Oak/Oak Burl Bowl - the beauty of the wood in this piece is quite an amazing thing. Made from a single piece of wood that is composed of half Oak and half Oak burl, the grain on each side of the bowl is bursting with its own unique character. This one will be treasured for years to come!


Maple Wood Mantle Bowl - this petite bowl has a classic yet luxurious look and feel. The high gloss finish adds a touch of elegance which makes this little one a real treasure! 3" wide by 3" high.