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Dental Lace -- Zero Waste Refillable Floss

Dental Lace -- Zero Waste Refillable Floss


Dental Lace, the original zero-waste dental floss, is a refillable dental floss and 100% zero waste product. A glass container with a stainless-steel cap holds floss that is 100% compostable silk. The refill bags are certified compostable and the boxes are 100% post-consumer paperboard. Each glass container comes with one 33-yard spool of silk floss. The refills contain two 33-yard spools.


  • Mint Flavor: 100% flavored with mint essential oil.
  • 100% Silk Floss: the silk floss is biodegradable and eco-friendly while leaving your smile clean, healthy, and bright. 
  • Vegan Wax: Plant-Based wax is a natural wax with no harmful chemicals! It is rich in nutrients and is naturally soothing.
  • Refillable Glass Container: Compact, stylish, durable, and eco-friendly refillable glass container with a stainless steel lid & floss cutter. (½” w x 2” h)
  • Eco-Friendly: From product to packaging, Dental Lace is a 100% Zero Waste product. No harmful chemicals = no negative environmental impact.
  • Non-Toxic: Free of parabens, SLS, PFAS, and plastic-free.
  • Planet-Friendly Packaging: Eco-friendly zero-waste compostable packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber boxes that are certified FSC and PCF-free. Manufactured using renewable biogas energy. Printed with soy-based inks. Floss spools are placed in polylactic acid (PLA) bags created from the lactic acid in plants, certified compostable (2” x 2”).


Glass Container Design: 

  • The Sea Rose glass container design is inspired by the beautiful sea roses that grow wild along the Maine coast during the summer months. 
  • The Granite glass container design is inspired by Maine's rock-bound coast and mountains throughout the state. 
  • The Berry Blue glass container design is inspired by Maine's DownEast blueberry barrens.
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