DennyMike's 'Cue Stuff

DennyMike's 'Cue Stuff


Hand made in small batches in Westbrook Maine, this line of top shelf, super-premium, all-natural, and gluten-free seasoning blends has garnered over 65 awards from juried BBQ and foodie competitions around the country. The tagline says it all..."one taste is all it takes..." 7 oz. shakers.


Chick Magnet: Southwest seasoning makes all poultry come alive on the barbie and is superb in the smoker. Also great when oven roasting or slow smoking your fowl.


Cow Bell Hell: Don’t be bashful when using this seasoning on all types of domestic meat and wild game. This is an awesome blend for sausage of all kinds. Try it on your burgers and in a meatloaf. You’re gonna love what it does!


Sublime Swine: Sprinkle generously on shoulders and butts whether you slow cook in a crockpot or in the smoker. Guaranteed to bring your baby backs and loin roasts to a whole new level!


Fintastic Seafood: A curiously piquant blend with just a hint of citrus. Pairs well with most freshwater and saltwater fish, plus it’s wicked tasty on scallops and shrimp, too!


Pixie Dust: A great all-around seasoning for anything needing a boost! Use generously whether grilling, roasting, broiling or barbecuing beef, poultry, fish or game. Delicious as a seasoning in chili, stews and beans.


Rubs For All Gift Pack: Get all 5 DennyMike's Seasonings packaged in a giftable box! The perfect present for the foodie in your life!