Crocheted Baskets by Pine Hill Creations

Crocheted Baskets by Pine Hill Creations


Lovingly handcrafted for you at Pine Hill Creations in Casco, Maine! Laura loves what she does and it shows in every detail! Both beautiful and practical, these wonderful crocheted baskets are a marvelous addition to any home. All baskets are crocheted and have a soft side which is flexible but holds its shape. The only exception is the Beige Basket which has a plastic side insert that gives it a firm side. Prices vary. Please select your choice to see specific price.


Approximate dimensions of each item:

Large Gray Handled Basket 13" high, 11" wide

Green Basket 4.5" high, 9" wide

Green & Red Basket with Black Bow 4.5" high, 8" wide

Red Basket with Attached Handles 3.5" high, 7.75" wide

Beige Basket 3.75" high, 7" wide

Brown & Gray Basket 6" high, 12" wide