Children's Books by Sharalyn Morrison-Andrews

Children's Books by Sharalyn Morrison-Andrews


These delightful children's books by Sheralyn Morrison-Andrews are not only fun and entertaining to read, but each one of them teaches a valuable lesson.


Brave Nellie is the story of a little dog's journey from living on the beach of the Dominican Republic to her "forever home" in the United States and the valuable lesson that she learned from it. Part of the profits of this book will be donated to help support the stray dogs on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.


Lizzie's Lesson is about a West Highland Terrier who learns through her experiences how good can prevail over bad, as long as you have the right attitude. 


Awesome Jack is a sweet French Bulldog who learns that it's okay to not be the best at everything you do; what's important is that you try your best, Jack learns and shares with children that we are all wonderful just the way we are.

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