Borestone Soaps for Men

Borestone Soaps for Men


All natural handcrafted bar soap, made entirely without synthetic fragrances or colorants, right in Bucksport, Maine! Using ingredients like saponified olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter, Borestone Soap Co. is known and loved for their masculine line of bar soaps. This line of soap was proudly featured in gift bags at the 2022 Grammy Awards!


Woodsman Soap: This is not your average flowery soap. Breathe in the bracing scent of balsam! This, ladies and gents, is a little slice of the forest wrapped in paper and ready for your shower. Break out your inner lumberjack and lather up!

Nervous Tick Soap: If not nervous, perhaps those ticks are at least a little aprehensive! Loaded with turmeric and insect-repelling essential oils like lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and black pepper, does this awsome bar come with a  tick-free guarantee? No. Can we dream? Always.

Yeti Soap: Yetis may not exist, but thankfully this bar of soap does. Enjoy the refreshing scrub of fine-grained pink Himalayan salt and the wintry scent of peppermint essential oil. More invigorating than wrestling an abominable snowman. Smell the victory!

Rugged Good Looks Soap: Ok, so the rugged good looks thing may be a matter of opinion, but no matter what you look like, people will appreciate the spicy clean smell of clove, cinnamon, and other essential oils. And there's activated charcoal for extra detox power. You're welcome.

Wise Guy Soap: Hey Mr. Smarty Pants. If people can't tell by your witty retorts and laser quick comebacks, at least you can smell like a wise guy with this combo of sage and spearmint -- the smart alecks of essential oils. 

Clean Slate Soap: Tabula rasa, a clean slate, a new beginning. Let the power of activated charcoal wash away the grime from the previous day and start you off anew. Or use it at night and let the scent of lavender lull you to sleep. Sweet dreams.

Sensitive Guy Soap: Get in touch with your sensitive side...go on, we'll wait...are you there? This soap is for you, with soothing oatmeal and gentle honey to wash away your cares. No added scents or colors to mess with your sensitive vibe.

Captain Soap: Pull on your wool cableknit sweater, knit hat, and take to the ocean with this bergamot scented bar. Kelp powder adds color and French green clay helps absorb oils to keep your seadog complexion balanced. You're welcome!

Staycation Soap: You deserve a vacation -- nay, a STAYcation! Let this lavender scented bar help you relax and endure the rigors of day-to-day life!

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